Bryan Ferry — More Than This???


Congratulations to singer/songwriter, Roxy Music frontman and accomplished solo artist Bryan Ferry, on his marriage earlier this month to former PR girl and current set-for-lifer Amanda Sheppard.

The wedding took place at the luxury beach resort Amanyara, located in the Turks and Caicos. Believe it or not, this is only the second marriage for Bryan, known as a modelizer and infamous cad dating back to the early ’70s. His album covers have featured some of the most beautiful women from Jerry Hall to Kate Moss, and read like his own personal black book. What’s most fun about this marriage is not that Bryan is 66 and his bride, a mere 36 years younger, but that Amanda is actually the ex-girlfriend of Bryan’s 26 year-old son, Isaac. Apparently, this is not an issue for the Ferry clan as Isaac, as well as Bryan’s other three sons, were all in attendance at the wedding. May-December romances are nothing new. Money has always been able to buy beauty and beauty has always been able to attract money. In the 1862 painting, “The Unequal Marriage” by Vasili Pukirev, the bride seems a bit more somber than the new Mrs. Ferry. Her new, older husband must not have the bank account that Bryan does. Not for nothing, but Bryan looks amazing! I’d hit it.

Bryan has lived an interesting life and his sons are following in his footsteps. Working as a pottery teacher right out of college, Bryan formed Roxy Music with some friends in 1970, and they had their first hit, “Virginia Plain” in 1972. Much of the band’s early music was a close collaboration between Bryan and bandmate Brian Eno. Several albums and hits later, the band is still together, some 40 years on. Whoa…. The music still holds up.

Bryan recently had an exhibit of photography featuring his album covers at the Los Angeles-based Michael Kohn Gallery. One such cover featured model Jerry Hall for the Siren album from 1975. In Jerry’s 1985 autobiography, Tall Tales, she talks about how during that shoot, she was covered in blue paint that would not come off. Bryan offered to take her home and help her out of the paint. She went and they had a 2-year relationship, until she left him for Mick Jagger. In 1982, Bryan married socialite and model Lucy Helmore (only 14 years his junior) and they had four children, all sons. Lucy is the face-less woman on the cover of Roxy Music’s 1982 album, Avalon. A short addiction to cocaine began for Bryan and he credits his wife for helping him to kick the habit, cuz ya know…drugs are for mugs. 🙂 After 21 years of marriage, they divorced and Bryan dated, heavily! It wasn’t until Isaac brought home his new girlfriend that dear old dad decided to settle down again.

It is possible that Isaac was a bit too busy to get angry over his father and ex-girlfriend hooking up. Taking after Bryan in conservative political views, Isaac was suspended from Eton College for sending threatening emails to an anti-hunting activist. He’s also been known to date a model or two…or ten. Bryan’s oldest son, Otis, knows his way around a jail cell having been arrested and charged several times for pro-hunting political protests, one of which led to a conviction. He’s been very vocal about his pro-fox hunting views and in 2004 along with seven other protestors, illegally entered the House of Commons Chamber during session. In 2005, he was arrested as he crossed a police barrier at the National Portrait Gallery in London and attempted to accost the Prime Minister. He was taken into custody whilst screaming, “I’ve had enough of this government!” Throw in a DUI (October, 2005) and many famous girlfriends, and Otis quickly became a favorite in the British tabloids. A 2007 arrest for two counts of criminal damage were the result of him stealing the car keys from some paparazzi that were following his brother Isaac and actress Sienna Miller as they left a nightclub at a BAFTA after-party. He was later acquitted. Bryan’s two younger sons have managed to maintain a slightly lower profile. Tara, 21, plays in a band called Rubber Kiss Goodbye, and Merlin, 20, plays guitar for Voltorb. All four boys have contributed to Bryan’s 2010 album Olympia. Isaac and Otis have also been known to model.

For Burberry’s autumn/winter line in 2006, both Ferry boys were featured alongside Kate Moss and Stella Tennant (as well as her young daughter, Jasmine) in a campaign shot by photographer Mario Testino. Bryan himself was recently featured in an ad campaign for H&M alongside Tara.

Some fun Bryan Ferry facts:
A friend of Bryan’s once told a journalist that he was more likely to redecorate a hotel room, than trash it, rockstar-style.
In 2000, the entire Ferry family were involved in a near plane crash when a crazy passenger freaked out and forced his way into the cockpit attacking the pilot, en route to Nairobi. The plane plummeted for a while, until the crazy was captured.
Bryan acted in a 2005 Neil Jordan film, Breakfast on Pluto, in which he played a character called Mr. Silky String, a super-creepy customer of Cillian Murphy’s character, a young Irish transvestite prostitute. Mr. Silky String tries to strangle his friend in the front seat of his car.
In 2007, Bryan made some whacked-out statement about his love of the imagery used during the Nazi regime and Leni Riefenstahl propaganda films. He quickly apologized, but the incident ended a contract he had just signed with British retailer, Marks and Spencer, in which he was to model their Autograph menswear line.
Also in 2007, Bryan released a tribute album to Bob Dylan called, Dylanesque. He’s never met Bob Dylan.
In a Roxy Music-inspired scene from the FOX-show Glee, the character of Blaine Anderson dances to their music and talks about how he’d like to build a time machine in order to meet the finely dressed Bryan in the 1970s and give him a high-five.

Bryan does not download music and he only recently got a cellphone.
Last year, Bryan received his CBE (Commander Of The British Empire) at Buckingham Palace from the Queen for his contribution to music. He brought all four of his sons to the ceremony. He really dug the stripey pants he got to wear.


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  1. This sounds like the making of a awesome VH1 “Where are they Now …” episode. At least he is still around to explain himself. It could be worse … He could be doing voice overs for cartoons!

    • Don’t joke about the cartoons. He’s singing “You Do Something To Me” to Oreo cookies in a television commercial in America!

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