Cool Stuff To Buy


Here are some cool things to buy that can be found on

In honor of the late and legendary Joey Ramone’s birthday, is the Saint Joey Rosary. Featuring The Ramones frontman on a beaded chain, the rosary features a reproduction of artwork created by the seller. Very cool and totally worth the $21. Add it to the Joey Ramone shrine that I know all of you have in your bathroom.
Ramones fans can also purchase this lovely Gabba Gabba Hey cross stitch needlepoint for only $16.
For those that have the patience to actually create a needlepoint themselves, as well as a yearning to celebrate their love of John Hughes films, there are the Pixel People templates.  This one features all the key players from the 1986 film, Pretty in Pink. For $6, you get a pdf file from the artist to use as a pattern for your creation. This is cool. Someone make this for me, please.For those that dig the anorexic look but don’t have time for all that pesky dieting, there’s the women’s tank top, embellished with cloth vertebrae. For $24.99, you too can look really, really skinny, and/or cartoony.

Outside of etsy, check out these cool items:
Fans of the late GG Allin that also own a large box of crayons, finally have an outlet to remember the legend. An amazing artist out of Warren, RI, named William Schaff has created the GG Allin Coloring Book, depicting various memorable images of GG, as well activities such as word finds and observation games. Check out the artist’s Flickr page ( to see the rest of his portfolio that features artwork in various mediums. Schaff’s images have also graced the cover of albums by Okkervil River. Buy his artwork. You will dig it.
Featured on the designboom website ( are Breaking Bad paper dolls by artist Andres Martinez Ricci. Also available are Mad Men paper dolls. Visit to purchase.


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  1. Imagine an entire room done in John Hughes motif. Throw pillows with all the main sayings from his films, walls pink, sheer pink curtins with white polka dots on them, all the songs from the dance in the gym playing softly in the back round, a bar made out of the grill of Jake Ryan’s dads convertable, a glass box coffee table, a few old classic albums hanging from the ceiling at different lengths in one corner, a tree out the bay window with toilet paper streaming from it, a giant statue in the middle of the room like the one in the library in sixteen candles … I am just saying!?! Although, I would really like that back bone tank top, anything that helps in avoiding actual excerise!

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